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What harm the sewage on the environment?

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The water lives with a wide variety of aquatic animals and plants. Biological and water, biological and biological complex between the exchange of matter and energy, quantitatively maintained a dynamic balance between. But under the influence of human activities, this balance has been destroyed. When humans release pollutants into the water, some beneficial aquatic organisms die of poisoning, while some fouling aquatic organisms can exacerbate the disease and consume large amounts of oxygen dissolved in the water, so that beneficial aquatic organisms are forced to migrate due to lack of oxygen Department, or death. In particular, some toxic elements, both difficult to dissolve in water and easy to accumulate in the body, causing great harm to humans. Mercury, for example, is low in water, but high in aquatic organisms, and surprisingly high in fish. Assuming that the concentration of mercury in the water is 1, the concentration of mercury in benthic organisms in aquatic organisms (ie, those living in the sediment of water bodies) is 700, while the concentration of mercury in fish is as high as 860. Thus, when the water body is polluted, on the one hand it leads to the destruction of the balance between the living things and water, the living things and the living things. On the other hand, some toxic substances continue to be transferred and enriched, finally endangering human health and life.
Impact of water pollution on industrial and agricultural production:
Industrial and agricultural production requires not only sufficient water but also certain requirements on water quality. Otherwise, great loss will be caused to the workers and peasants. In particular, the use of polluted water in industrial and agricultural production will have a great harm to human beings. First, the destruction of industrial equipment, a serious impact on product quality. The second is to change the chemical composition of the soil, fertility decline, leading to crop production and serious pollution. The third is to increase the city''s sewage treatment costs of domestic water and industrial water.

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