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About us

       We thank Environmental Protection for giving us a chance to make a difference. Our elites and those who are full of the times are dissolved into a team. Our corporate culture is: First, re-founding, glorifying Boat, with sincerity, fullness, responsibility for the faith of the sail to respect each other, trust, work together for the sea; in this every second of the voyage, we are willing to add a ray of success for this era color , To contribute to China''''''''s environmental protection.
       People-oriented science and technology, this is not a vague slogan. Industrial waves sweeping the world, while promoting the economic rise, but also make the environmental problems in today''''''''s world a major threat to human existence. As an environmental science and technology enterprise, we regard "devoting to creating a green, harmonious and balanced diverse ecological environment for human beings" as the values and cultural conceptions commonly recognized and adhered to by enterprises, which have been purifying the original so that nature can accommodate human beings and other biological diversity Sexual development. With the ideal of rich ecology, we pragmatic innovation and strengthen scientific and technological research and development, with international standards, and the world simultaneously.
       The company is located in the heart of the Yangtze River Delta - Wuxi. Here traffic developed, cultural blend, a beautiful environment, economic prosperity, is the country''''''''s major industrial development center.
       Yaotong company is a set design, development, production, commissioning and operation of all-round capacity of environmental engineering company. Since its inception, the company has won many awards such as the State Environmental Protection Administration, Jiangsu Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau and Wuxi Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, and has won the title of "Contract-honored and Promised-credit Enterprise", and has the certificates of "AAA-level certificates of private science and technology enterprises, small and medium-sized technology enterprises, , ISO9001 2008 quality system certification and many other certificates. Since 2000 to undertake various types of environmental projects nearly 500, involving all walks of life, has accumulated rich experience in environmental governance. In the future, Yao Tong will devote more energy and capital in technology research, product development, market development and customer service to provide better environmental products to society. In order to realize its visionary dream, Yao Tong will create the quality of the environmental protection industry Brand, continuous efforts ......
        An enterprise, you are in a scientific professional management, and Yao-pass is a goal, in the continuous progress of the road, the success of management, more companies take off into the new vitality.
        The decision-making level is the heart of the enterprise. Empowers the enterprise with pride and good character. It is a prerequisite for us to grasp the opportunity of the market when the opportunity, rapid reaction ability and flexible leadership in the unpredictable market economy change. Scientific professional management, collaboration between departments is our strong backing for success.
        We have come from the dust of history and have undergone hardgoing pioneering. Numerous brilliant dreams come true in our hands.
        Yesterday''''''''s honor, does not represent the brilliant tomorrow, customer''''''''s trust and satisfaction is our eternal pursuit.


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Contact: Mr. Dai  Mob: +86-188 6154 9818

Add: Wuxi Huishan Economic Development Zone before Chau matching zone

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